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Promotion of high-quality strawberry varieties in Rwanda

HortInvest partnered with FlevoBerry, a Dutch strawberry breeding company to introduce two new varieties of strawberry (Bravura and Furore) for the first time in Rwanda. In February 2020, a total of 5,000 plantlets were distributed to two cooperatives namely KOABUNYA in Rutsiro District and CODFM in Muhanga District.

 The cooperatives established trial fields for these varieties. The members of the cooperatives received trainings through a Dutch strawberry expert and RAB extension officers on strawberry cultivation, production and post-harvest management.

Those two varieties yields were bigger and sweeter compared to the traditional varieties. Also, the productivity was higher than the traditional varieties. Following the introduction of those two varieties, the two cooperatives have received more demand from supermarkets, hotels, bakeries, and individuals. Currently, the cooperatives are selling 1 kilogram at 2,000 FRW and the buyers directly visit the farm to purchase the strawberries due to higher demand.